First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 11

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were you a nice or naughty child/teen/adult? la elmo assinations la yea yea yea boring cheese pickles toot la do deep doe da loo ra ryan ryan cheese chris.

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  1. You guys couldn’t look at each other without the other one knowing, you couldn’t talk to each other, it was like you were strangers. When the bell rang, she was the first to leave. And the question starts coming to you. “Why was she mad?” You had to find out. But somehow you just couldn’t talk to her. You were scared of her like all the other kids. They were even braver than you, cuz they had the guts to ask her what’s wrong.
  2. You wanted it to go coolly. But you kept shaking when the memory replayed over and over again. What would happen? What would she say if you said this? You couldn’t talk to her. You asked somebody. And they told you. “It was when you ditched her at the sixth grade night.” “It was when you partnered up with Ryan for English.” “It was when you first talked to Ryan.” “She threatened to punch you.” “She said it was when you first talked to Ryan.” “She drew your face on a sandbag and stomped on it.” “It’s ok, we don’t like her either. It’ll be ok… don’t worry about it…”
  3. You stopped asking. You knew it yourself. You had been ignoring her. You were all bratty about it too. You hated yourself. You wondered if you could ever bring yourself to say sorry and call her back. But she didn’t want to be called back. For days you wrote notes. You almost dropped some of them off at her locker, but you never did.
  4. Mandy talked of you like how she talked of the gym teacher. That was her signal for you to back away from her life. Which you did. It was already too late, you think. It was all messed up and you hated yourself for that. The table in science where you sat with her and Ryan became very quiet. You noticed how quiet it was when it was just you two. Uncomfortable and uneasy. You just became moodier and darkening at whatever Ryan said. What if you never met him? What if you never talked to him? Of course you couldn’t say that. You did become friends sort of. But he never would admit you his friend.
  5. At lunch you sat with Ryan and his friends. They didn’t like you. They complained to Ryan, but he came to your defense and told you, “You can sit with us whenever you want to.” He told you they were allergic to girls. The one guy called Carlos would jump in front of you and shout, “Don’t touch Ryan!” They sometimes made fun of you and Ryan dating. They disapproved his friendship with you. You wondered what their problem was.
  6. You were walking down the hall with Ryan to first hour on Monday. “Hi Rene!” he calls to her. “Hi,” she says back. Rene starts sitting at your table with you and Ryan and now there’s more talking. Rene brings along her other friend Janessa too who didn’t smile much nor talked much. But she was nice when you talked to her. Lily asked, “hey, can I sit here with you guys?” “Sure,” you say automatically. Not that much mattered to you anymore. “Wha- no!” Ryan whines at you. “Huh?” you look him. “We don’t want so many people here,” he says. “Why can’t she sit here? She can if she wants to.” You shoot back. “um, that’s ok. I’ll go,” says Lily. You swing your head to Ryan and he stops her. “Never mind, you can sit here if you want to.”
  7. Lily hesitates and then sits down. There was only one chair left. Ryan looks at you, puts his foot on it with a gleam in his eyes and grins. You snort. Rene starts to appear everywhere now. She was there at the water fountain. She’s there by his locker where you’d be too. She’s your friend now too, but she clearly chose him over you. Every morning, she’d wait for him, and they’d go right past you. You’d stare at them, at Ryan’s back. She says something and they both laugh. Then he’d ram her into a locker and she’d hit him. You’d laugh to yourself like it was hilarious and cheer Rene on to hit Ryan, but really you had a tugging at your heart.
  8. She was gorgeous. You weren’t. She was funny. You weren’t. She was cute. You weren’t. She had everything that you had to live without. And finally, finally, you knew how Mandy feels. You were the one in better shape, you shone when you were with her, that made her jealous. Not just that, but she was looking at your back and you never turned around to her. You left her in the dark.
  9. You were mad at Ryan. You were mad at Rene. When you walked with him, she always busted into the middle and talked away and they never look at you. They never see you. They never answer or talk to you. Maybe this was how Carlos and Brandon had felt like too. No wonder they were so mean to you. You stole Ryan and now Rene was stealing Ryan. She was doing everything she could to cling to him. And he started acting coldly towards you too. You think about the times that he’d ask you if you were mad or ok. You would answer coldly. Now he would answer you coldly. He wasn’t all that cold to you like he was really mad at you, but you’d get more warmth from your freezer.
  10. I didn’t have to be so moody… you thought to yourself. You felt like you were losing everybody. But Ryan couldn’t just leave you like Mandy. You had to hold on. Being cocky and waiting for him to come back wasn’t going to work. Someone had to make the first move and you were going to be it. You have to talk to Ryan. You didn’t want to look like the bad guy either. You hated it that Rene was all innocent and nice… like it was kinda on purpose. She sometimes looked like she felt bad or pitied you but she always leaves with him and doesn’t give you a damn.

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