First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 24


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  1. “Think we can make it before the rain?” he asks. “I hope,” you say with fear quivering in your voice. You did not like thunder and lightning. You wanted to go now. You walk kind of fast. The ground was dark and wet from earlier. And then suddenly you do the most likely and dumbest thing to do. You fall forward. The hard cement ground was coming closer to your face, the world was sliding up. Suddenly something halts your fall. You stopped falling, but your books didn’t. The science book splashes into a mud puddle. You look at Chris who’s arm was right beneath your flat chest. He pulls you up again and then goes for the book. He fishes it out. The pages were stained, the cover hopeless. You swallowed. “Oh god… Mum’s gonna be so mad and I ruined a library book!” you squeaked as you take the book from him and examine it. “I’m such a clutz,” you moan with your head down.
  2. “Are you always so cluttered like this?” Chris says. “Hey, why didn’t I get hit? Something’s definitely wrong if my trumpet doesn’t hit me with her metal hands.” You still don’t do anything. He laughs a bit and takes the book. You didn’t let go. “Hey, it’s ok. I’ll pay for the damages,” he consoles you. You stare at him. “And what did you do?! That was me, you dimwit!” you scream at him. You slap his head. “I pay for the damages, not you!” you yell. He stares at you. “Okay then,” he says walking ahead. You walk behind him. Suddenly he turns around quick and snatches your books from your arms. He smirks at you and runs off. “HEY YOU!” you shout. You ran after him. You were no match against a guy who had won first place in a cross country race.
  3. You were going to be left alone on the street. Thunder cracked again. You screamed silently and outloud too. “Chris!” you shout. You had a severe thunder phobia. “Chris!” He’s very far away. You run as fast as you can, but you weren’t getting any closer. He suddenly disappears. You felt like crying and screaming for some reason. Chris… you’re such a jerk, you think to yourself. You keep running and then suddenly hands from the side of you pull back. You screamed really loud. Just a high pitched one note. “Let go, Let go!!!” “Hey, chill, it’s only me.” “Eh?” You twist around. You slap him. You kicked him. You punched him. You were so embarrassed and freaked out. “I… am… …severely… hurt…” Chris moans. “You deserved it!” you shout. Lightning flashes again with thunder booming. “EEEK!” you shout running. You tried to stop yourself from hugging Chris. You just ran right on forward. “Hey, wait up!” he shouts. He’s running beside you. It starts raining. The rain skipped the whole soft drizzle part. It just came pouring sheets and buckets. Your head was drenched in seconds.
  4. Chris stops at a house, unlocks it with his key and hauls you inside. You were cold, you were wet, you were freaken scared. You were going to catch a cold and you could blame it on the rain and Chris. If Ryan asked, you’d blame it on him. The thunder bellowed like a gazillion trumpets and drums across the sky. Only louder and lower and scarier. It shook your whole spine. You wailed a whimper as you jump on Chris’s sofa and bunched up like a ball. Your eyes were shut tight, your fingers plugged your ears. Even though your fingers plugged your ears, you could hear Chris lock the door. Thunder boomed again. You were going to die of fright. Cold hands were suddenly on your wrist. “Hey Erin…” You flinched away. You rocked back and forth on your butt with your chin locked tightly into your knees. All was quiet. Just heavy rain pattering. And then the thunder bellowed again. The loudest crack ever. This time you grabbed the cold hands that were on your wrist. You pulled the cold hands closer to you. A hard ab chest came closer to you. Chris’s chest and arms were encasing you in a protective case. Surprisingly, his chest was brimming warmth. You felt safe. You were getting tired. Your eyes would not open. Before your head hit his chest, you could hear a soft voice, “Hey… your actually scared of something. I guess you can be cute too…”
  5. Your head jerked to the side. Your neck was coated in sweat. Your hair was all over the place. It takes you a while to figure out where you were. “Chris?” you ask the empty room. “Chris!” you shout as you jump out of the bed. Bed. Bed? You look at the window. The rain was drizzling. You open the door. You heard noises in the kitchen. You walked in there. Chris was at the stove. His back was turned to you. You walk up to him. He had on an apron? He was making something. Onions and cheese reached your nose. You stand behind him. You tap his shoulder. He jumps. “Ah!” he shouts. He sees you. He relaxes. “Creeper,” he muttered. “What are you doing?” you ask him. He stares at you. “Obvious isn’t it? Dinner. Onion French soup, idiot. And hey, you have a fever. I suggest you go back to bed,” he says.
  6. “Dinner?!” you exclaim. “What time is it?!” you shout at him. “I don’t know,” he growls. The oven clock wasn’t working. You grumble something. You walk out of the kitchen to the living room. You sit down and cross your arms. Your trumpet case was under the living room table. There were no wall clocks around. You spot his phone. A gray sleek cell phone. You reach for it, you were going to check the time. It was 5:40ish when you guys left the library… You flipped it open. Your heart doubled over. You jaw dropped at the same time your eyes popped. It wasn’t just the time. It was what he was using as his cell phone screen image.
  7. It was… you. On the bus. You were smiling. Your face and body profile were sitting down and the picture was taken from your side. You were smiling about something. You couldn’t remember. When was this? The first day of school was when you wore those clothes. It was 6:32PM. You go to Chris’s photo album. You scrolled down the pictures. There were many pictures of a woman who seemed like his mom. There were other random pictures too. None of Jessica. Some of his friends b-boying. And then you stop at a picture. It was of a girl running uphill. The girl had a determined look on her face, she was attacking the hill. You suddenly remember the day that you were running uphill. The day that Ryan gave you the granola bar, the day that you saw Chris and thought he was texting. Now you knew why he was smiling. He was taking a picture of you. The way he smiled… you realized something now… Ryan… Chris…
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