First Kisses come in Seventh Grade CHRIS PATH

This is the ending where you end up with Chris. Ahaha, you never met Seth and sorry if the series it getting a little boring. Thanks so much if you stayed

this long with my series! I really appreciate it! :) I'm too lazy to type any names. alkdjf;aksjd f;aslkdjf;laksdjf;lkasdj f;lkajsd;flkjas;dl kfj;laskjf;askjf

Created by: scumbag

  1. You got a package in the mailbox. No newspaper. It was a silver box with a green ribbon. You opened it. A 15 dollar bracelet, pink and silver. Your head swam. This was the first time you ever got jewelry from a guy. There was also a 2 dollar purple box of chocolates with walnut cream middles. There was a post-it note: Merry Christmas Erin, come to the Central Park tonight, there's something there this year that I want you and your family to see. And I want you to meet me at the pond in that pine forest tonight.
  2. You forgot to go. With Steve driving around and trying to impress Mum and my brothers, he totally missed Central park. And then you realized that it was a little too late for Central Park. You asked your Mum, "Mum, would someone be as stupid to wait for someone in the cold for two hours?" Steve answered that one for you. "No way, Jose. Now that's pure insanity. Who'd be stupid enough to do that?" "Okay," you said as you leaned back. But images kept popping into your head. Was the idiot still there?! "Steve, drive to Central park. Now," you ordered. "Why?" he asks. "JUST DO IT!" you screamed. "I'm not going anywhere until you tell me," he said as he cruised along slowly. "Please, Mum. I wanna show you guys something," you said desperately. "Steve, drive," said your Mum. He drove. He drove and parked at Central Park. You guys all walked down the winding road. "Nothing here, I tell ya," Steve grumbled.
  3. You guys all stopped. A huge tree. Complete with lights, ornaments, candy canes and... sugar cookies. There were other families around it. Your brothers ran and selected a cookie like the rest of the kids who stood around it. There was a little carol by the tree. And then you remembered why you were here. You took off into the pine forest. You kept going until you came to an ice pond. Nobody there. The moon light shone onto the ice. He already left. You just stood there.
  4. Someone comes from behind you and wraps their arms around your waist. You yelped and twisted. But the person wouldn't let go. "Hey Trumpet. You're late," Chris breathed into your ear. "Hey, sorry," you said back. His grip tightens. You both stood like that for a while before he lets go and you walk towards the pond. There on the ice was a pair of ice skates. "I have a cousin who doesn't need those anymore. Try them on," he said. You tried them on. Just a little loose. But you moved around the pond like a penguin. You fell. Chris laughed, "You're such a cluttered goof." You blushed. The silvery moon light ran streaks down his dark curtain of blond hair. All was quiet in the middle of pine trees, silver light on your face and soft flakes, darkness all around and he's holding you and you're both gliding across the ice.
  5. And then you guys walk back to your family. The lights on the tree were still shining. You both stood under the tree. He reached above your head and picked off the largest cookie. It was the shape of an angel. You start asking him, "Hey, I got the bracelet and chocolates. Why did you-" You were cut off when he stuffs the cookie up your mouth. He was smiling. And then he fell forward onto your shoulder.
  6. You go home with Chris on the city bus. He leaned on your shoulder the whole way. You were cooking on his stove when you guys were at his home. You nursed him for a while. And then later you went outside to check the snow. It was snowing another six inches. Maybe you should just sleep over at Chris's. You called your Mum. Steve picked up. He was okay with it. Mum wasn't so sure, but in the end she let it go. Then you walked back down the hall into his bedroom. Chris had his eyes closed. You put your hand on his head. It wasn't as hot as before. Still, you take a wet cloth and dab his forehead with it. You pressed it onto his head. And then his hand comes up and takes yours. You froze. You try to take your hand away. He holds on. His eyes open and he's sitting up. He takes the cloth off and sets it aside. "Hey Erin," he said. "You better now?" you asked. He was still holding onto your hand. "Yeah, thanks to you," said Chris, "Get on the bed." Your eyes widen. "What?!" you yipped. He smirked. "I said get on the bed," he repeated. You yank your hand. It wouldn't come out. "Chris, let go before I send a spinning kick at your face," you growled.
  7. "I wanna say something," said Chris. "Shoot," you said. "I like you. I like you a lot," said Chris. It was quiet. Then he looks up at you. He pulls you right onto the bed and his face is hovering a few inches above yours. "Do you... do you feel the same?" he asks. Yeah, you did. You manage to say softly, "Yeah." His face comes closer, you shut your eyes. His teeth clack into yours. It was a little rough. But his fingers interlaced into yours and your head was swimming again. ~First kisses come in Seventh Grade End~
  8. Well, I hope you'll look out for something called, "He Called Me Dude: part one"
  9. Aish, sorry if you're getting a little bored with the series, I got a little lazy.
  10. THanks soooooo much for taking the series this far!! I love you all!

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