First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 33

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“Get out or I call the cops,” you said. “You don’t have a phone,” said Ryan. “Ugh, I wish you didn’t know me so much,” you grumble. “I don’t,” said Ryan. The kitchen was totally quiet. Dishes stacked in the sink. Jonathan, Nick, Derek all upstairs

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  1. You take care of your face, teeth and hair in the bathroom. You pull your poofy hair back into a ponytail. You open the toilet seat which was closed. When you see what’s under, you decide to empty your water sac later. And then you throw on different clothes. You didn’t want him to think you didn’t shower. You run downstairs. The kitchen smelled like peanut butter. Willy was carrying around a peanut butter jar with a spoon inside. He was eating from it. Derek was sitting on the counter with the toaster plugged in and toasting slices of sweet potato. Nick and Jonathan were eating Cinnamon toast Crunch. You grab the jar from Willy. He started to bawl. “No, you can’t eat from the jar.” You drag him to the counter. “Derek get off,” you growl. He jumps off. Willy was blubbering. “Appo ju,” he was saying.
  2. “What?” you ask him. “Appo ju,” he whimpers again. He pointed a chubby finger to the apple juice. You set aside the peanut butter jar and pour Willy a cup. “No, I want bottle,” Willy says. “No, you can drink out of a cup,” you tell him. He starts whimpering again. Derek’s sweet potato slices popped out of the toaster. He jumps on the counter again. “GET DOWN!” you shout. Just then your Mum walks into the kitchen wearing curls, a purple blouse and pink capris. “Mum?!” you wonder aloud. “I’m going out with a friend for a while. Take care of the house?” she asks. “But Mum I-“ you stare at her clothes. New. You sigh, “Fine…”
  3. “Thank you so much!” she squeals and runs over to kiss your forehead. You flinch away. She goes back to the door. She gives you a window-washer wave. She turns around. “Mum, wait,” you say. “Eh?” she says. “Uh, the price tag is still on,” you tell her. She turns around wildly and then grasps the price tag. She tears it off and drops it on the carpet. Then she’s gone, disappeared into a black sedan. You just stare until the car disappears too. The kitchen was going mad, the whole house was a mess from yesterday, and there your Mum goes. Well, she wasn’t a bad mum but sometimes things got out of hands and would land in yours. Perfect timing too, with Ryan waiting outside.
  4. You grumble to yourself like a crabby and old grandma. Who’s the kid here anyway? And then suddenly Willy was wet. All over. “What happened here?!” you screech at Derek. He was grinning sheepishly. “Eh… I was pouring Willy some juice and got it all over him?” Derek said trembeling. “You pour juice into a cup, not into Willy’s face,” you grumble. Willy laughed a bit. “Willy go to the shower. I gotta wash you,” you tell him, observing the peanut butter stained shirt now drenched with juice. “You can go,” you tell Derek who obediently drops the empty juice container under the sink and runs off with his peanut buttered slices of sweet potato.
  5. He dashes upstairs to watch his usual dose of Saturday Cartoons. You grab Willy by the armpits and dump him in the tub. You lean over the tub to take off Willy’s shirt and his pants. You throw his stinky shirt over your shoulder. It would make a good car freshener, you think to yourself as the scent waves past your ear. You throw Willy’s pants over your shoulder. Luckily the toilet seat was down, so the clothes landed perfectly on the toilet seat. As soon as you get his diaper off, the water pelts your whole shirt and scalp. You grab around blindly, your arms and hands hitting the bathroom wall. You finally feel the cold metal of the faucet and turn it one way. The water burned.
  6. You screamed and turned it frantically the other way which shut down the water. Your eyes automatically open. Your hair was dripping down the sides of your face, all was quiet. You blinked. A water droplet crashes with the bathtub floor. You look up and there was little naked Willy. Shivering, wide eyed at you. You tighten your mouth and boggle your eyes at him. He flinches and waits for his scolding. You don’t scold. Instead, you chuck his soggy diaper down the waste basket and go into Mum’s bedroom to get a sharpie marker and a towel. Your ears and back were still stinging from the intense heat of the sudden water needles. You go into the bathroom again and mark a line right there on the inside of the tub. You recap the marker and tell Willy, “When the water gets to this line, TURN OFF THE WATER.” He nods as you turn on warm water and plug the drain hole. You carry his clothes out and dump them on the sofa as you make your way outside to Ryan. He must’ve been waiting long.
  7. You clomped outside across your lawn. Ryan wasn’t there. You stop and scan the lawn with your hands on your hips. Where was he? Something small and hard hit your head. “Hey water girl!” You turned around to see Ryan biking over to you. There on the ground was the peanut that had hit you. You lift the upper corner of your lip and glare at him with your laser eyes. You rip some grass with your hand. As soon as he came close enough, you flung it at him. Showering his hair and face. Two blades in his mouth. “Hey grass face!” you shout at him as if he was at the end of a football field. He flicks a peanut on your forehead. “You wanna die grass face?!” you screech at him. He spits out grass in his mouth. He stops his bike. “Want one?” he asks as he gestures to a jar fastened to the back of his bike that was full of peanuts to the top. A smaller backpack was also strapped to the back.
  8. You frown at him. “Hey, I can’t go out for a while,” you tell him. “Uh, yea. I kinda figured that out when your mom crashed in with that one dude,” said Ryan. “A guy?!” you exclaimed. “Yea, some sandy haired guy.” He cracks a peanut. You held back your fury with a breath. “Okay. So yea, I can’t go out, the house is in chaos and my mother just left us. Why are you here?” you ask him. “Eh, just to have some fun,” he replies. “Well, you may have time and came here to play, but I don’t have time to play, I needa take of the house,” you tell him. “What happened to aggressive, scary delinquent? Oh, so this is your nerdy mom mode,” said Ryan. You kick his foot. “Hey, you can’t just ride that piece of junk all over our yard,” you said. “Heh, sorry,” he smirks.
  9. “Move it,” you scowl. He moves it. He moves to the sidewalk. “That better?” he calls to you. You don’t answer as you turn around and stomp back inside the house. Ryan was right behind you. He had parked his bike at the foot of your steps and had his backpack strung over his shoulder with the peanut jar. “Hey, why you so pissed at me for?” he asks. “Eh, sorry. Crappy mornings,” you tell him. “This isn’t you, Maximum Megatron. So why are you wet?” he asks. “Mind your own business,” you mumble. He stops at the door. “Can I come in?” he asks. “No,” you said. He comes in.
  10. “Get out or I call the cops,” you said. “You don’t have a phone,” said Ryan. “Ugh, I wish you didn’t know me so much,” you grumble. “I don’t,” said Ryan. The kitchen was totally quiet. Dishes stacked in the sink. Jonathan, Nick, Derek all upstairs now with Willy splashing in the water. Ryan picks up a shirt on the sofa. It was Willy’s apple juice and peanut butter shirt. “What’s this?” he asks. “A car freshener,” you retort. He snorts and drops it.

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