First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 32

Okay, so you probably have homework and have no time to take stupid love stories online. Yeah, me too haha. Eh, come back later then. x) If you're new, then you

might wanna go and take part 1. The story might be hard to get into since it starts out so ordinary and boring, but even if it's dragging now, it'll get better. Thanks you guys who stay tuned so far! :)

Created by: scumbag

  1. Chris narrows his eyes. "Er, guess the timing is really wrong. See you tomorrow. Erin," he says. "Wait," you stop him. "Why are you here?" you ask. He half sneers, half smirks. He glances at Ryan and you like you guys were caught doing something wrong. "Are your parents home?" he asks. "Why does that matter? What kind of girl do you take me for anyways, huh?" you snarl. He chuckles and comes in arrogantly. He plops himself right there on the sofa and grabs at Ryan's pencil box. Ryan was downstairs by now. Chris picks up the pencil with the accessory. "What's this?" he asks. Ryan swiftly snatches it from Chris. "Ah, Erin made you a little hair accessory? Well, that's very manly," he says darkly. "Dude, take care of your business then get out," Ryan growled.
  2. "Oh, and what about you then?" Chris asked. "Oh, I'm here to study. It's almost time for me to go now," said Ryan. Chris nods. "Okay, so now it's my hour," said Chris gesturing to the wall clock. Exactly 5:00PM. Ryan nods at you and then he leaves out the door. "See ya tomorrow," he mouths at you. "Tomorrow's Saturday," you mouthed back. His eyes were saying, "Whatever." Chris takes out a fresh deck of flashcards. He sorts them into piles and then hands you the smaller pile. You suddenly remembered that you forgot to give Ryan his quiz. It was still in your backpack, you had made it last night and while you were making the good luck test charms, you stuffed it in... the puppy and boy book? You were going to have to find that later. Chris sits back and stares at you through his bangs which were shadowing his eyes.
  3. You gaze anywhere but at him and thrust out your flashcard. "It's upside down," he said. You turn it right side up. Just then your Mum comes into the room. She looks at Chris then at you. "What happened to Ryan here?" she asks. "Uh, Mum. That's Chris. Another friend. Ryan left already," you said. Your Mum just stares and then nods and finally leaves the room to attend to your siblings. You guys go through the flashcard piles twice. Time dragged on until the clock's face screamed out, 5:50. You hand him his stack of cards. He takes them. Nobody talks, you wondered what happened to your brothers constant yelping. Time continues to drag on and on. Finally he gets up and turns his back to you. You glance at him. He opens the door, hesitates but then continues out. Your eyes wander to the table. A cell phone. A silver sleek cell phone. Instantly you grab it, and then you think. You grab Rene's good luck test charm and clip it onto the phone. Then you put your feet in your flip flops and run out the door.
  4. Flop-flop. Flop-flop. Flopflopflopflop. "Chris, wait your forgot your cell phone!" you shout to him. He turns around. You hand it to him. He doesn't take it. "What's this?" he asks as he fingers the pencil accessory that was clipped to his cell phone. You grin. "A good luck test charm! Clip it to your test pencil!" you tell him. "A what??" he asks. You were getting mad. Why didn't anyone appreciate your work? You smack his head with your palm.
  5. "I took a whole hour to make that!" you screech. He takes the phone, still staring at the cell phone accessory. "Do I have to keep this on, when I'm on the bus?" he asks almost whinnying. "If I ever lose this, people are gonna think a girl lost it," Chris said. "In order to qualify to study with me, I recommend you keep it on," you tell him. "Then can I resign?" he asks. You shrug, "Sure." He's grinning now. "Of course, I'll keep it on. And I'll tell everyone who made it just for me," he says. "Shut up," you murmur. "And I'm just kidding. You don't have to have it," you add. "Nope, it's mine now," said Chris. "And I'm never gonna give it back," he says.
  6. After he leaves, you go back inside. You go upstairs. One thing you realized, your puppy and boy book was missing. Another thing, you only had one pencil accessory left. You given one to Ryan, one to Chris. They were supposed to be just for you, Rene, and Ryan. You bang your head on the bed post. You'd go to the store tomorrow and buy another kit. Ryan had said, "See you tomorrow." Tomorrow was Saturday. Did that mean that he was gonna come to your house again? Well he had to. He didn't take the quiz you made him yet. It was based on what you guys learned all week. You went to sleep that night thinking about the puppy who had a lame leg.
  7. "ERIN, GET UP!" You cringe at the shrill piercing. "Mum says you have to get up!!" One eye open, you stared at the digital numbers: a blur of red lines. "Erin, get up!!" said the alarm clock. "ERRRIIN!!" it screamed at you. It turned into a little donut man. You got up and walked over to it. It screamed at you again, "Erin, it's seven and mom says-" Your whole bedroom floor was rattling, no, bouncing. "ERIN! ERIN!!" The ground shook again. And then a sharp painful jab triggers your ankle. The donut man turned into an alarm clock. You screamed.
  8. "AAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" Derek shot out the door just as you abruptly jerked upward. You swung my leg to the side. Clunk. Hit the bedside post. You tumbled out of bed howling.
  9. You climb back into bed again, blind, desperately looking for cover. Your ankle was stinging with brief pain from Derek stepping on it while he was jumping on the bed. You duck under the blankets. The alarm clock was blaring. It had been switched to radio and it was 9:03AM. Gasp. Were you late for school? No, it was Saturday. Your brothers were not in your bed. They had fled, leaving only a pigsty for you to clean up. Had Derek trimmed the toothbrushes again with his scissors? The sun was pouring through the wide open window. No curtains. Downstairs, you could hear the clatter of dishes and silverware and chairs scraping the floor. You close your eyes again. PLINK! Your head snapped to the window. Was there a mad pigeon out there? You close your eyes again. PLINK! You stomp out of bed and peek out the window. There was Ryan and his bike all good and non-flat tired. He was looking up and when your eyes hit his, you instantly jump back.
  10. Nobody but your brothers and your own mum had ever seen you out of bed. What did you look like right now? Your hand flies to the top of your puffy head. You try to comb your tangles with your hand, flatten out the uncombed. Another PLINK! He was throwing... pea nuts?! You open the window and a peanut hit your eyebrow. "Ow!" you shout. "Whoa Erin. Train ran over your head? You go to sleep fully dressed?" he asks. "Why the hell are you throwing peanuts?!" you scream. "Well, safer than rocks eh? And peanuts are epic." He throws another one at you. It lands in your hair and stays there. "Cut it out!" you shout. He laughs and launches another one. They were all the kind that still had the shell. You duck and it lands in your underwear basket.
  11. "Where'd it go?" Ryan asks. You were turning red. He doeosn't wait for you reply. "Hey, I'mma wait down here. Can you come to the park today?" he asks. "I'll ask," you say. "Okay, I'll wait down here then," said Ryan. He starts biking away. "Hey!" you shout. He turns back, "What?" he asks. "On your wedding day, instead of throwing flowers, I'll throw peanuts at you!" you shout. "Wow, that's nice," he says. "It's a promise!" you shout. He gives you a thumbs up and an ok sign with both his hands. His bike falls over. You snort and shut the window.

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