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Have U read the hunger games now try this super trick quiz for all you fans out there. After reading the book 7-8 times I knew i had to make a quiz for it so i really hope you enjoy

so you think u can get 100 percent have a go and try out and please don't cheat by using the book. Take the quiz and find out how big a fan are u ???

Created by: hunger_games_tribute
  1. What district is the career group from?
  2. What color hair did Ceaser Flickerman dye his hair for this years games?
  3. What chapter does Rue die in?
  4. Finish this sentence..'winning will make you famous...
  5. What kind of leaves do Katniss chew whilst waiting for Rue?
  6. What is the first sentence in this book
  7. The last PHRASE of the book is..
  8. What causes Katniss's mum to become withdrawn?
  9. Why did Katniss pull out those berries?
  10. Coming soon.. Catching Fire quiz... will u do it?

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