What Wario Character are you?

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There are many Wario Games, but few characters, Wario is, afterall, quite greedy. What is a greed? A greed is what Wario is? What is a Wario? He is a fat man from Mario brothers.

Have you ever wondered what Wario character you were? Try out now and get the truth on what character of the Wario universe are you? My friend, the greedy man shines.

Created by: Lenny
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  1. What would you do if you saw Mario?
  2. Do you like Wario Land?
  3. Do you like Wario Ware?
  4. Do you hate Wario?
  5. Do you like Wario?
  6. How would you rather die? Wario Fart or Chaos Spear?
  7. Do you ever beat video games?
  8. Wario is a...
  9. Is Mario really friends with Sonic?
  10. Most uses Wario move in Smash..

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Quiz topic: What Wario Character am I?