Paper Mario Test

There are many smart people, but gew are true Paper Mario geniuses. Genius is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a genius? A genius is someone who who knows a lot of stuff, in this case Paper Mario 2 stuff.

Are you a Paper Mario Genius? Do you have the video game brain power to qualify for this easy title? Until now you could only wonder. But not any more! Take the quiz to find out if you are a Paper Mario whiz!

Created by: Christopher
  1. How many enimies are there?
  2. The Pit of 100 Trials has how many badges?
  3. What is the boss of the Glitz Pit?
  4. After Grubba gets owned at the Glitz Pit, who becomes head hancho?
  5. Who is Prince Mush?
  6. "HIIIIIIIIIIIII-TECHNICAL!!!!" is a quote from whom?
  7. If Paper Luigi was a game how many chapters would it have?
  8. How much HP do all the chapter bosses in the game have combined (including all bosses in Shadow Palace and optional bosses)?
  9. How many types of Goomba are there?
  10. How many partners are there?

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