Mario Fan Quiz for Mario Experts

Are YOU a Mario fan? Are you a Mario EXPERT? Find out here! There isn't very many questions, but feel free to find out how much of a fan you are! If you don't know what Mario is, than still, feel free to take it!

If you wanted to take a quiz, but couldn't find one, this is the one for you! Come and see if you are a Mario expert, and most of all, have fun! But don't get disappointed if you don't get a good score.

Created by: Atreyu

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  1. What does Mario need to throw Fireballs?
  2. What is the name of the huge spikey turtle guy?
  3. What is the most common enemy in the original Mario games?
  4. In Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube, what is the most amount of Shine Sprites you can get?
  5. How many Red Coins do you need to get a Shine Sprite/Star?
  6. In Super Mario Sunshine, how many Blue Coins to you need to trade them in for a Shine Sprite?
  7. What is Mario's full name?
  8. Who is Mario's brother?
  9. What is Mario's look-alike nemisis?
  10. Last question: What does Mario usually need to do to get stars?

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