What Coloured Paper Are You?

Coloured paper. We see it everywhere but are so naive as to say we aren't like it in it's frivolous display of character. This test will show you which piece of those magical coloured squares you are most like.

Black, Blue, Purple, White, Red and yellow. What are you> take the test and find out. Beware test is really weird if you don't like it that's alright. Have fun!!!

Created by: Rochelle
  1. You finally win the car you've been sending your entries for the competition too a hundred times. But it's different to the one you wanted.
  2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you???
  3. You have to repaint your walls.
  4. Your favourite style of nail polish(for girls) or your favourite car(for guys)
  5. Your clothing styles.
  6. Your fav colour.
  7. Random
  8. Back to the matter at hand... You are.
  9. Fav music
  10. Your hair colour is.
  11. Finished. Does not effect score.

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Quiz topic: What Coloured Paper am I?