Paper arts quiz

There are many paper artist wanabes in this world. After all, who doesn't want to be creative, and do it well? We need all the inspiration and detail we can find in our creative selves! IF you take this quiz and rank a higher score, consider yourself a qualifier to share your stuff!

So, now's the time to plunge forward and find out if you know the basics of being a paper artist. Believe me, there are many harder questions to put out there! This quiz is intended to inspire and encourage you to proceed with your creativity!

Created by: Sandy

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  1. What kind of powder do you heat up to make it shine?
  2. To cut paper straight this tool is best:
  3. Which form of ink is best to use on a very large stamp?
  4. Which is the best glue for using on paper that won't wrinkle your paper?
  5. Which of these tools would you never use on a paper card?
  6. Which day of the week is the best to create something with paper?
  7. Which of these materials is not used to create rubber stamps?
  8. What color of paper makes the best background?
  9. Which type of tape best sticks together two sheets of paper?
  10. You would never store your unmounted stamps in

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