How well do you know the world?

The Paper Weekly News covers the world. It covers the world in a bedsheet before having its way with it so that the whole thing can be shown on television, but not something kids would get to watch unless their parents didn't love them. The Paper knows everything. But do you?

Here we are, the official Paper aptitude test, to show you just how much you know about this planet, which probably isn't very much. I think you ought to find out just to be sure, right? If all else fails, you can always cheat. It is the internet, right? What happens online, stays online.

Created by: cvdpaiskh of The Paper
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  1. How many stars are on Genada's flag?
  2. Which Apollo moon mission resulted in a golf game on the lunar surface?
  3. Who rules the world?
  4. Who kicks psychological ass?
  5. What was the top-selling shooter game on the Nintendo 64?
  6. Who got the most votes in the 2008 Kansas presidential caucus?
  7. At the time this quiz was written, (mid-May 2008), how many MySpace friends did Tom have? (round to the nearest 100)
  8. What is the opposite (invert) of Orange?
  9. What is the opposite (invert) of Orange?
  10. Spy's sappin my patience! Which one of these is a spy?
  11. How many times does the word "blog" or a derivative thereof appear in the Wikipedia page about blogs? (at the time of this writing)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the world?