How indian are you

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This is determine your usefulness to your parents and your ability to function as a big brain answer truthfully or eat bat s--- if you fail (under 90) f--- you

Fools is scared to me b---- was a great night of the day and we are doing something special for the fireworks tonight so I don’t think we could do that night and I

Created by: Indian big man of More Indian stuff
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  1. If you got a 99% on a quiz wyd
  2. you have a test in a year when do you study
  3. if you are studying what do you listen to?
  4. how long do you study for a day
  5. What is your favorite food
  6. What is your favorite subject
  7. What do you do you do in your free time
  8. How do often you f---
  9. Coke or Pepsi
  10. Bobs or vagana

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Quiz topic: How indian am I