Which kind of intuition do you use?

Which kind of intuition do you use? Do you use Ne or Ni? Can you tell the difference? Take this quiz to find out more about yourself! Please answer the 10 questions to see the result.

Remember, each type is capable of using all 8 functions. The first 4 functions in your function stack determine your type. We all have Ni and Ne, but this quiz will tell you which one is in your function stack.

Created by: WW

  1. Choose the value that you agree with the most.
  2. Choose the answer that best describes you.
  3. Choose the one that you relate to the most.
  4. Choose the one that best describes the way you think.
  5. Choose the one that best describes your world view.
  6. Choose the one that describes your line of thought the most.
  7. What do your friends complain about you the most?
  8. Choose the one you value more.
  9. Choose the description that fits your thoughts the most.
  10. Which words describe your thoughts the most?

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Quiz topic: Which kind of intuition do I use?