How Well Do You Know Kids Baking Championship Season 2?

Sometimes, I will sit and re-watch this show for hours! I love that it is just normal kids like me who have an extra special talent that they would love to share with the world.

If YOU are a KBC freak just like me, this quiz is the one for you! If not, go ahead and give it a try anyways; you might surprise yourself. And you can always re-take the quiz, so why not?

Created by: Kiran

  1. Which one of these was NOT a challenge the bakers had to make?
  2. Which one of these was NOT a competitor in the challenge?
  3. Who were the top three bakers (the bakers in the finale)?
  4. Who was the first competitor to be eliminated?
  5. Who was the person to make a sachertorte in the Candymonium challenge?
  6. (the question you have all been waiting for) Who was the Kids Baking Champion?
  7. Who were the people to wear a red collar shirt when he/she got out?
  8. How many competitors were there in all?
  9. How many 10 year olds were there in the competition?
  10. Who made the chocolate chili eclairs with cat cream puffs? (Hint: they were in the bottom three in this episode)
  11. How well do YOU think you did on this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Kids Baking Championship Season 2?