A peek inside Yukonsam

You will meet many, many people in your lifetime. A few of them will have something special about them that will set them apart from the rest of the world. ONE of them will be extra special, like no one you've ever encountered.

This quiz is all about my particular someone extra special, the one and only Yukonsam. Not many of us are lucky enough to know him - let's see how well *you* do! (And I apologize for the age and gender questions that precede the *actual* questions... I can't turn those off...)

Created by: Pia
  1. Which would he be most likely to say in a movie quote-off?
  2. Who is his favorite captain?
  3. What can he not do?
  4. What was his childhood nickname?
  5. Which is the only combination of things you might find in Yukon's cart at the grocery store?
  6. When Yukon was 10 years old, he:
  7. What was Yukon's high school team name?
  8. Yukon had a relative who briefly played for which MLB team?
  9. Yukon plays many, many different characters in WoW. Which class does he *not* play?
  10. Who is the only guy that Yukon will allow to touch him?

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