Paper Knowledge

Sure, lots of people can make simple airplanes, but does that make them experts? No! They have to have more tricks than that to truly be a paper stuff expert.

How much do you know about making paper projects? Origami? Boats? Hats? Maybe ninja stars? Find out now using this quiz. Just 10 easy questions away from knowing!

Created by: Thaddeus
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  1. Can you make a paper airplane?
  2. What about a paper boat?
  3. Okay, how about a hat?
  4. So, maybe a paper tank?
  5. What about paper wasps?
  6. How much origami do you know?
  7. Can you make a ninja star?
  8. Is making all the stuff listed above your favorite thing to do?
  9. I can't think of any more, so this won't affect your score.
  10. This one too.

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