Mario Minigame Mania

Lots of people know each other, but I'll let you in on a little secret. Treat everyone fairly. Don't listen to what mean stuff you can say about them, because we are all related. That's right, I'm related to you and you're related to me. Mario Minigames are my new interest. Don't laugh at what other people got.

Mario Party Minigames are my new interest. Do you have what it takes to get a one hundred? Take this short quiz to find out! This quiz is only about 16 questions long. Enjoy!

Created by: Aaron

  1. Fill in the blanks for the next few questions. ____ Car Derby
  2. Mushroom Mix-__
  3. _____ Dance
  4. Hot ____ Jump
  5. Grab ___
  6. Answer the next few questions. Which minigame lets you recreate an image of Bowser's face?
  7. Which minigame of the following choices is a 1 vs 3 minigame?
  8. Which minigame involves a pirahna plant chasing after you on a skateboard?
  9. Which minigame involves the following items? Trumpet, drums, conducter, violin, hammers, coins, koopas, and pirahna plants.
  10. How many treasure chests are found in Crane Game?
  11. For the next questions, answer which set the minigame belongs to. Face Lift
  12. Mushroom Mix-Up
  13. Mecha Fly Guy

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