are you a computer geek or a computer newby

hello all, this is a quiz about computers. I have created this quiz to allow users to test his or her computer skills. I am trying to allow users to get a computer skil grade, thatt they can share if they wish. this quiz may be great to challenge your family or friends to computer mania.

what is a computer geek? a computer geek has much computer skill and motivation. what is a computer newby? as you thought, a computer newby is, on the other hand, has less computer skil.

Created by: Bill Dengler of Bills Website
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  1. what is linux?
  2. what is the windows XP system root path?
  3. what is a batch file?
  4. what the heck is a dialer?
  5. lets say... your in the car and you need internet(you have a cell phone). what do you do?
  6. what program transfers phone book and ring-tones to your PC and back?
  7. what is a thumb drive? my friend told me they are cool so what the heck are they?
  8. what the heck is a podcast
  9. what is the ms-dos command to write text to the screen?
  10. how do you get to a website?

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Quiz topic: Am I a computer geek or a computer newby