Should you be allowed to use a computer?

Some people should just not be allowed anywhere near a computer. Are you one of those, all too common oddballs? You may already be employed in a situation where using a computer is a necessary component of the job.

Test yourself, please provide the results to your tech support people. Help them to help you! Don't be embarrassed about your score, speak the truth and shame the devil!

Created by: Rob
  1. To switch on a computer you:
  2. A computer uses what type of power?
  3. The actual computer unit is the:
  4. The operating system you use is:
  5. To clean a DVD or CD you:
  6. Left Click means:
  7. Right Clicking does what?
  8. Tech support asks you to close the window, you:
  9. Your screen picture is very wobbly, do you:
  10. Your computer becomes unresponsive, you:
  11. HTML is:
  12. Tech Support ask you for your user name, you
  13. Your mouse pointer is jumpy, you:
  14. After 8 hours continuous use your laptop starts beeping
  15. Furry Gonks stuck all over the monitor are:
  16. An ideal place to store dictation tapes is:
  17. The best place to install your new computer is:
  18. You want your computer connected to the office network, you:
  19. Printed documents have become faint, you:
  20. on your laptop, pressing 'u' prints 4 and 'i' prints 5, you:
  21. A fully trained and qualified engineer repairs your computer, she tells you she is very busy and needs to get to her next call, you:

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Quiz topic: Should I be allowed to use a computer?