what tipe of ninja are you?

this test is to see what tipe of ninja are you...the are some difrent tipes of ninja catigories. So if you to see what tipe of ninja you are...lets see your "mad skills"...

So you think your the ultimate ninja? Put that theory to the test when you are set to answer some verry dificult questions regarding what you feel a true ninja would do in any scenario. So,test your self to see if your just a weak, troublesome, gennin or if your the ultimate of ninjas, a Sannin. How knows. Mabey youl be a bad guy. One that could be as week as a gennin or as srtong, if not stronger than a sannin. Thats for you to find out.

Created by: jose
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  1. When it comes to combat skills, What catigory would you find your self to be?
  2. How much do you like your village?
  3. if you were the leader of a village, how would you manage it?
  4. You are on one of the most deadly missions of your life.Your mission is to find and kill 10 super strong rouge ninjas.you and your 8 other members are left but no choice but to fight head on. WHats your plan of action?
  5. you are given 9 members to your own organization.how do you deal with them?
  6. what character do you feel you have?
  7. What pst did you have?
  8. what village do you wish you were from?
  9. how was your most powerfull relative that is best known by all?
  10. what do you regret in your life that you were the cause of?

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Quiz topic: What tipe of ninja am I?