Which Gossip Girl are you?

Gossip Girl is a very popular book and television series that takes place in new york city. The girls in this series are mostly snobs and b----es that go to fancy parties and drink expensive tea.

Which Gossip Girl are YOU? Find out when you take this lovely superfun quiz! :))) Will you be glamorous Blair, super model Serena, wannabe jenny, or gothic vanessa? You'll love this quiz!! See ya! ;)

Created by: Sarah Nicole
  1. What would be the perfect date outfit?
  2. How would you classify yourself?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. Favorite bag?
  5. What color is your lip gloss/stick?
  6. Who is your icon?
  7. What is your favorite restaurant?
  8. What is your favorite store?
  9. What is your hair color?

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Quiz topic: Which Gossip Girl am I?