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Sunny Day is an animated series about a young hair stylist named Sunny and her adventures with her best friends, Rox and Blair, and her pet dog Doodle.

Sunny’s friend Blair is the star of the show in this quiz. So: how well do you know her? Do you know enough to be considered Blair’s biggest fan? By answering simple questions, such as ‘Who is Blair’s idol’ and ‘What is Blair’s hair color’, you can find out!

Created by: BlairStyle
  1. What is Blair’s hair color?
  2. What color are Blair’s eyes?
  3. Is Blair male or female?
  4. What kind of pet does Blair have?
  5. What is her pet’s name?
  6. Who is Blair’s idol?
  7. Which episode did Blair first appear in?
  8. Who voices Blair?
  9. What does Blair do at Sunny’s salon?
  10. What does Blair have a fear of?
  11. Which of these traits best fits Blair?
  12. Which of these are Blair’s best friends?
  13. What is on Blair’s tablet case?
  14. True or False; Blair was the clown in the circus
  15. True or False; Blair drives the Glam Van
  16. True or False; It is unknown what Blair’s real hair color is
  17. True or False; Blair lives in Friendly Fields

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Quiz topic: Sunny Day; How Well do I Know Blair? || BlairStyle

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