What Peach Girl Character Are You?

Peach Girl is a high school drama about a girl named Momo Adachi who faces negative gossip and rumors from her classmates. Have you read this popular manga and identified with one of the characters?

Peach Girl features many teen drama tropes, like backstabbing, crushes, gossip, and friendship. Are you most like Momo Adachi, or a different character, such as Toji or Momo's scheming friend Sae? This quiz will tell you.

Created by: Araminta
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  1. What are you usually labeled?
  2. Are you :
  3. If you see your friend with their Bf/gf how do you feel?
  4. ****Bouns Q. For Kairi*** it's the episode when you miss meeting Momo at the right time, and she went to where the big storm was. At the train station you saw her and Toji holding hands: you react:
  5. If you were Sae or Momo who would you date?
  6. Ok, sooo... who do you think is dramatic in the anime?
  7. ***A MOMO QUESTION** If Toji, Ryo, or Kairi said they hate you, what would you do?
  8. Okay now we're getting close to the end of this quiz. Have you seen the anime Peach Girl or read the manga?
  9. If you answered yes to the previous question, did you like it?
  10. Last Question: Which Character Do You Despise?

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