Your Girlfriend Comic Character?

We all know you guys, and girls out there have a thing for a comic character. Well if you prefer a girl, then this is the test for you. Out of DC, Marvel, etc; see what comic character you're a match for.

Think you know what kind of girl you want? Well, maybe this will change your mind. See if you can handle She-Hulk, if you're crazy enough for Harley Quinn, nice enough for Batgirl, or are you Wonder Woman's type?

Created by: Grant

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  1. What are you:
  2. Do you dig red heads?
  3. What's your fav color:
  4. Want a girl that's in control?
  5. How would you romance the chick?
  6. Ever dated a mutant?
  7. You like doggy style or missionary?
  8. Are you a villain or hero?
  9. You like bald chicks?
  10. What would you want your girl to wear the majority of the time?
  11. Where's the beef?
  12. You okay with a jealous ex- boyfriend?

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Quiz topic: My Girlfriend Comic Character?