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  • Your Result: Kazuya "Toji" Toujigamori 84%

    A baseball player who has been Momo's crush since junior high school although she never then confessed to him due to a friend saying he "doesn't like girls with tan skin". He over hears Momo confess her love for him to Kairi and then eventually dates Momo but Sae wants him for herself. He has a good heart, but tends to be hard-headed and oblivious to what is in front of him, believing what Sae says over what Momo says, much to the frustration of Momo.

    62% Momo Adachi
    50% Sae Kashiwagi
    36% Kairi Okayasu
    28% Ryo Okayasu

  • i got Sae Kashiwagi i idk who thay are


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