Are you a Peach Fan?

There are many Peach fans. Most of them want to prove themselves. Are you one of them. Step right up here and take this Peachy quiz for free. Any body in any age!

Are you a Peach fan and always wanted to prove yourself. In just a few minutes. After you take your time you will be an Outstanding Princess Peach fan! Well? What are you waiting for. Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Princess Peach of PeachPlace
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  1. What year did "Super Princess Peach" came out?
  2. Is Peach Mario's first Damsel in Distress?
  3. Where was Peach captured in "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door?"
  4. What is Peach's forward midair move in "Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl?"
  5. What is Peach's Parasol name?
  6. Peach's favorite color is _______?
  7. Does Peach play sports?
  8. Who wants to marry Peach?
  9. What is Peach's REAL name?
  10. Who was the 5th Boss in "Super Princess Peach?
  11. Who is Peach's partner?
  12. What did Peach send Mario in "The Thousand Year Door?"
  13. What are the Colors of Peach's crown?
  14. What is Peach's catchphrase?
  15. What is Peach's style?
  16. Who works for Peach?
  17. What is her best Weapon?
  18. In Paper Mario 1. Where was Peach captured

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