The End-Part One

**READ BEFORE TAKING QUIZ** It is the year 2020. Technological advances have stopped. We are stuck with the technology we have in 2009. Obama failed to protect the United States, as did every president following his reign. The US is now attacked almost daily. China and India have passed us in intelligence, technology, and science.

While relaxing at the pool one day, you recieve a text message from your friends in NYC. They tell you that they are in danger, and they need your help. Without further ado, I present to you THE END-PART ONE.

Created by: Die Lorelei

  1. You've just been let out of school for summer. So, you and your friends Julia and Thomas head up to the pool for some fun. While you're sitting out during adult swim, you get a text from your friends Jake and Alexis in NYC. It says "Hey ________. PLEASE HELP!!! Please, come to NYC and meet us @ the Four Seasons Restaurant. This is urgent, we need your help!"
  2. Once you get home from the pool, you explain the situation at hand to your parents. They seem OK with it, besides, you've traveled alone before. After dinner, you...
  3. When you arrive @ the airport, all flights to NYC have been canceled. You...
  4. Eventually, you find out that NYC has just been bombed by a terrorist group. You...
  5. Regardless of what you chose in previous questions, Uncle Billy arrives to fly you to New York. You tell him...
  6. (After 3 days, the terrorist leader is caught.) You arrive in Boston. You recieve another text. It says "Please help. We are in grave danger"
  7. As you are making the trip to NYC, you catch a glimpse of the news. It says that more terrorist attacks have happened in NYC. You...
  8. Thats all until part two. How did you like this quiz? (no effect on outcome)
  9. Would you take Part 2 (when it comes out?)
  10. What would you like more of in the second quiz?

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