You and three best friends (Part 2)

Please take part 1 of this saga before taking part 2. Otherwise, It wouldn't make sense. Recap from previous episode: Your in this new school and making new friends. You are now looking for Andrew and Maggie and something mysterious happens.

Which best friend would you hang out with the most? Are you gonna live your own life as a city girl from Shamrock city, Or live a new life as a City girl in Armsterland? Take this quiz!

Created by: BigGirl

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  1. There was a new girl in the classroom studying art culture with Mrs. Chandler. Her name was Andrea, with brown eyes, has nice yellow wavy long hair, wearing a pink dress with blue flowers on it, red high heels, and a nice touch of a yellow hair clip. You freaked as you were in a happy mood, Waiting to meet her. "Hi, You must be ______. I'm Mrs. Chandler's sister" She says. Your jaw was hanging to the floor just because she was a sister of Miss Alison Chandler, the teacher of Armsterland high. You faint and everything turned black and a thud echoed the whole hallway. OUCH!
  2. When you woke up, You were back at your house and it turned to be a bright sunny day at your window. You still hear honking and birds chirping in the morning. It turned out to be saturday, at 6:30 AM. "I passed out for 4 DAYS?!?!" You scream. "MOMMMM!!!!". Your mom then runs upstairs, saying, "What's the matter?". "I fainted for 4 DAYS!" you yell. Your mom changes the subject. "I made breakfast downstairs. You want some?" she asks. "Fine..." you reply. As you walk downstairs, you see the sunlight shining at you and see Andrea walking home.
  3. You go downstairs to the dining room, and with a surprised face, You see Maggie and Andrew eating breakfast. Your really annoyed about what's happening to you and decides to eat a quick breakfast and take a jog around the neighborhood. "I hate this place!" You yell as you were jogging. "Everything turned out to be perfect back in Shamrock city, but here, NO!". Andrea stops by and says, "Oh, hey ______. What's up? How are you?".
  4. (Resuming that you chose the first one) "WOW. first off, you faint and now this" she replies. "I KNOW!" you respond and you guys wave each other good-bye. When you went back home, Andrew and Maggie were gone and your Mom was sowing clothes as she was watching the fashion channel in the living room. "what the heck?" you whisper as you run upstairs to your room, thinking about...
  5. You lay down on your bed, and took a nap. When you woke up, It was 10:30 AM and you decide to eat lunch. For lunch was a ham sandwich with Coca-cola. You eat the ham and drink the Coca-cola, and when your mom came downstairs, you say, "Sorry mom for leaving without finishing my breakfast". "That's ok" she replies. Then she runs back upstairs to watch more of the fashion channel.
  6. You run up to your bedroom and looked out the window. You saw a girl walking by. Her name was Zoey, With Red hair and blue eyes, wearing a pink teddy bear shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers. She was holding a box of candy to sell through the neighborhood, and you gasp as you saw the new girl waving at you.
  7. Sorry that it had to be so short! Lets do some personality ones, now! Favorite color? (No effect)
  8. Favorite Animal?
  9. Favorite subject in school?
  10. Which friend do you want to spend time and have a new life with?

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