PA Senate Race (2016) Stern McGinty Toomey

Bear in mind this is a quiz on opinions/issues/character and actions. Vote who you believe in, even if you're standing alone. Always have your voice be heard. Consider this test when choosing a candidate to vote for.

Who should I vote for in the 2016 PA Senate Race? Pat Toomey Vs Katie McGinty Vs Everett Stern Senator Race, Senate Race, Pennsylvania, Voter quiz, Who do you side with? Which PA Senate Candidate do I side with?

Created by: Thomas Perozze

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  1. Should the government ban gay marriage?
  2. Do you agree with: Nobody should be too big to jail.
  3. Do you want a politician or someone who is fighting for what is right?
  4. Raising the minimum wage to $15 and hour?
  5. Make it easier for voter registration?
  6. Bipartisan or nonpartisan?
  7. Guns?
  8. Do you support School vouchers?
  9. (A) Do you want someone who (whistle blower) lost literally everything just to do what was right? Who wasn't corrupted and exposed funding of terrorists? Who is a example of the best in humanity? (B) Or would you want someone who helped cover up this scandal?
  10. Abortion? Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?
  11. Rehabilitation or more/longer prison sentences?
  12. War on drugs?
  13. Obama-care?
  14. Accept Syrian Refugees?
  15. Should the candidate endorse Donald Trump?
  16. Social Security, privatized or continue?
  17. Do you agree with Bailouts and Subsidies?
  18. Force equal pay for women and men?
  19. Higher taxes for the wealthy?
  20. Should there be a Separation of Church and State?
  21. Stimulus better than market-led recovery.
  22. Should your candidate be a democrat, republican or: It doesn't matter what party, what matters is they are a good person.
  23. Is it okay for a gay couple to adopt?
  24. Pro-Business or Pro-Free Market?
  25. Should cloning be allowed?
  26. "Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty are both corrupt politicians who take away our freedoms."
  27. Should they be male or female?
  28. "I will only vote for someone who has a chance at winning."
  29. How do you feel about the Republican Party keeping Everett Stern off the ballot to keep Pat Toomey unopposed?
  30. Bigger Government or smaller government?
  31. Who will you be voting for in the PA Senate Race 2016?

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