Who Should I vote for in November 2012

Have you been wondering who you should vote for in the upcoming election? Do you think you know who you would vote for but are not sure if you really know?

Take this quiz to find out! By answering these questions you may have a little bit of insight to who you should vote for or would be most likely to vote for.

Created by: Roselyn
  1. Where abortion is concerned I:
  2. When it comes to taxes on my paycheck, food, gas, etc., I would rather:
  3. I feel our government needs to be:
  4. Gas comes from the oil that is drilled in the U.S. and over seas. I would much rather use:
  5. When discussing health care I would rather:
  6. When it comes to budget cuts for the military, I believe:
  7. When you are employed you pay into social security and are able draw it at a certain age. Would you:
  8. I make/if I made $250,000+ a year I would:
  9. I know for a fact who I want to vote for in the upcoming election:
  10. I believe Obama has done a great job and kept every promise he has made:
  11. I believe small business is:

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