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Created by: angelic4
  1. Ello Hogwarts fans Welcome to the official Gotoquiz Grammys Nominations Category: Hogwarts. *claps* this is strange for me cause i hate Harry Potter *fans gasp, hold pitchforks and torches* wow, i do my faith goes against it, but i love you peoples version, strange right? Dont judge xD, shall we begin
  2. 1st nomination: Hogwarts Love Story by Nathuleegayle *claps* "Love is a pretty strong word, A-Are you sure?" "Well maybe it's not love-" your heart crumbled down once he gave you some clarity "but I just cant get you out of my mind whatever i'm feeling for you, love or infatuation. I just never want to see you hurt over a guy or in general" He said as he turned his towards you "I wrote a song for you.....
  3. Nomination number 2: Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place by Bluebird. Then he grabbed me around the waist and threw me in the water. I came up into his arms and laughed. We just stood there in the water and stared into each others eyes. "Did you have fun?" I whispered. He kissed me and whispered against my lips....
  4. Nomination 3 *claps*: Hogwarts by HogwartsLove. "How is this my fault?" you cried. He turned towards you, "and why does it matter anyways? We're all safe, the tent is fine- hear that Ron? We're all safe!" you continue. He glared at you and Hermione screamed when he raised his fist....
  5. I have chosen 3 due to the fact there are many hogwarts series, and some i liked but they arent being continued and they havent even reached part 10 and i dont want to do that you guys
  6. Thank you for coming and seeing, the voting details are in the results so you have to click the submit button. No voting in the comments
  7. I just want to thank my fellow friends who helped me. Myself, me and i, xD joke but seriously clap for Viola_lover, Person XD, and last but definitely not least DaughterofApollo *claps* thanks guys
  8. gtq.grammys @ gmail . com (no spaces). Be advised i'll ass whip you, if you dare steal my idea and my project, i will. You all my witnesses
  9. This is farwell people Vote Vote Vote.
  10. Goodbye this was your host the one and only angelic4

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