Who Should I Vote For In The 2008 Election?

This quiz is designed for the user to be able to discover which candidate they side with on issues pertaining to the United States and its policy abroad.

There is no need to vote along party lines in today's world but to vote with knowledge about which candidate you truly side with on the issues of the the US.

Created by: John Doe

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  1. How to deal with Gas Prices?
  2. How to deal with Driving?
  3. How to deal with energy security?
  4. How to tax wealth?
  5. How to deal with Housing?
  6. How to deal with Mortgage Fraud?
  7. How to deal with Social Security?
  8. How to deal with Personal Taxes?
  9. How to deal with Business Taxes?
  10. How to deal with Health Care?
  11. How to deal with Savings?
  12. How to deal with Free Trade?
  13. How to deal with Jobs?
  14. How to deal with Wall Street?
  15. Stance on Abortion?
  16. Stance on Gay Rights?
  17. Stance on Iraq?
  18. Stance on Iran?

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