the kane chronicles love story P2

Hi! thanks for taking part 2!!! I'll make Part 3 as soon as possible. Sorry if I copied a little bit of the Morganville vampires, but i hope you enjoy it anyways. I'm not the best writer so sorry if it is sort of rough.

Anyways, hope you enjoy my quiz and please take the add in guys one, to see which Guy i will add in next. thanks!

Created by: Yumi is cool
  1. Recap: You were eating dinner while some one broke the window.
  2. So, the window exploded and out came a huge guy in an egyptian, BLACK (a bad color in egypt) robe. You figured out he was probably Set. "Give me her," He growls. "and why would i do such thing?" Said Anubis. "You know the sacrifice of pawns, Anubis." "considering, I rather win the battle, not run away from them. "your last warning," Said Set. "sure?" Anubis said, smiling. you do not understand a thing. You watch in confusion. " Do you understand what is going on? " You ask the guys. "Something between the gods," Walt explains."I don't even know what is going on." Set Charged at Anubis, well, he tried to but a invisible shield blocked him from going. "You can't get through whatever you do," Said Anubis. "grr... I'll get you back next time." Said Set. he Jumps out the window and onto a tree; and disappeared into dust.
  3. "Check mate," Said Carter softly. You guys break in laughther.
  4. The window closed. "Ok, that was plain," You complained. "Usually there's kick boxing." "Seriously Sadie?" asked Carter. "Oh never mind." You guys go back to eat your dinner.
  5. After dinner, you ask the guys what they want to do. "Maybe watch a movie?" asked Walt. "There is a movie theater???" You asked in amazement. "well, yea," Said Anubis. "It came with the house." You guys all went to the basement, and sit on the sofa. "So, What movie do you guys wan to watch?" You ask. You guys all agree on______. It was pretty scary, but sometimes funny.
  6. In the middle of the movie, you went upstairs to get some popcorn. You go to the kitchen. You saw boxes stacked on top of each other. You were curious, so you went downstairs and asked the guys. "Oh, they were some unsorted letters for Anubis," said Carter. "Can we go and open it?" You ask. "Um, i don't know," Said Anubis. "how can you not know? Anyways, Please???" you ask nicely. "fine". You all went upstairs to the kitchen, leaving the movie playing by itself. You started on the first box(there were 5 boxes in total).
  7. In the first box, it was just letters for Anubis, from other Egyptian gods. Then you moved on to the second box. Inside it was mostly Egyptian styled Jewelry. "Oh god you kept these good stuff without telling us???" asked Carter. "I didn't have time to organize them," Explained Anubis. "I'll move these to the basement," and Carter took off. You were just finishing the fourth box. It was all mails from Osiris. "I wonder whats in the last box," Said Walt. "It's not something good," said Anubis, holding his breath. You opened box and it exploded.
  8. Cliff hanger!!!
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