the best zombie survival quiz ever

this is not just another boring zombie quiz its a quiz that test how much you know about surviving an end of the wourld zombie invation do you think you can survive?

hey you take this quiz its very fun and easy if you know much about zombies age and gender dont affect quiz results but your knowledge of the undead does

Created by: gar
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  1. do you have any weapons within 2 minites of reach
  2. what do you live in (aka were you sleep at night)
  3. whats the population of were you live
  4. choose a weapon set
  5. choose armor
  6. ok some news reports state that moskov and new york have been infected with some sort of virus that turns the victim in to a homocidal killer with and extreme sensitivity to light what, do you do?
  7. more news reports state that the disease has spread all over the east coast and russia even some parts of europe
  8. ok the virus has spead through alot of america and asia and europe infected start showing up at your house what do you do (also widespread looting is happening)
  9. the town is almost completely infected its time to go you aready have two cars and enough people to drive them plus you can take all of the suplies what car do you take?
  10. as your driving you spot an old farmhouse its getting dark what do you do?
  11. the next day you come by a small survivor camp with much food but litle weaponry what do you do
  12. ok 1 month has passed and you now controll a group of about 25 survivors and 5 vehicles you have enough ammo to last you a wile and some constrution equipment what do you do
  13. 1 year has passed and you have a full outpost with nearly 100 peple(a large group joined you and passing survivors)but a massive hoard of zombies has been spoted a few miles away you....

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