Adam Lambert Quiz

MANY people think you can ask them them any question about Adam Lambert... (the future king of pop) But, here's where you can find out .....

So, Have fun with it, do your best. see how much you can get right... and you will learn in only a few minutes!!! Well, go on, try it!!! You'll Have Fun!!

Created by: Katie

  1. Whats his middle name?
  2. His Fave Food?
  3. His Fave Junk Food?
  4. What are the names of his band members?
  5. Does He like Twilight?
  6. What Animal does wanna be?
  7. What team is he on?
  8. His Fave Color?
  9. Longest Interview?
  10. Has Tommy ever met a 10 year old girl named Katie?
  11. Is Adam On Kidz Bop?
  12. Is there a parody of him?
  13. Who Made the Parody?

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