Emo Love Story Part 2

Here's part 2, chu guise! I worked on it throughout the day, but if you want a lengthier quiz, request for it and I'll be more then happy to do so(: Okies, here's the recap: You met Chris, William, and Adam. Chris invited you to lunch and you have 3rd,4th, and 7th bell together...I think xD Then Adam showed you around and he was about to show you your surprise:D

And here are the guys's descriptions. Adam~ the shy guy, he's really sweet too. He showed you around school. William~ the funny guy w/ blonde hair. You ran into him in the hall. Chris~ the cute guy with the english accent. There's gonna be a new guy introduced in this one, hope you like him(:

Created by: Anais

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  1. He opens the door to reveal- a giant park, filled with many exotic plants and birds, and butterflies everywhere. There was a long walkway and a bridge, leading to a giant gazebo. It was perfection. You gave him a big smile. Since he was shy, you leaned in for a kiss...
  2. He leans in too. You're getting closer, and closer..."ADAM FRANCIS!" You both turn around in shock, and it's that office lady who told you about Adam earlier.
  3. She points towards the hall and he follows her. Before she leaves, she locks the park, leaving you alone. You decide to go:
  4. You remember you're supposed to be in class, tehe.♪You check your schedule and see you're supposed to be in 2nd bell-English. While you're heading over there, you hear faint crying. You see a really cute guy! Even if he's crying.(: He has ocean blue eyes that you could get lost in, and black hair w/ a blue streak, and front side swept bangs like Alex Gaskarth.^^
  5. You decide to sit next to him. "Hi, I'm _____. I'm new, and I was wondering if you were ok." He looks at you with a strange look. "You haven't heard anything about me yet? I'm an outcast. I sit at lunch alone, but that's not why I'm crying." You gave him a sad look. "Then why are you crying?" "Just let me cry in peace." He walked into the boys bathroom. Now you can't comfort him):
  6. You frown and he comes out and wipes his eyes. "Sorry. I'm Joseph. I guess I'll text you later.", he mumbled. The bell rang, so he walked off to 3rd bell. Well, I guess it's time to see Chris!
  7. You go to your locker and take your things. You see the door: Mrs. Rogers, Social Studies. You come in and are greeted by her. "Hello, pick any desk you like!", she says with a warm smile. You look around and see Chris. He looks up from his book and waves to you. "_______, over here!" he points to the desk next to yours and you sit down.
  8. You both flirt and laugh and have a great time. During class, he passes you a note: What are you doing Friday night? You write back:
  9. Before you can write back, the bell rings- time for lunch! You grab your money out of your locker and head down to the café. You're about the go through the door, when- someone grabs you and holds you against the wall! Your last words:
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