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There are a LOT of Would You Rather quizzes. I am aware of this. I appreciate all of you taking this quiz of mine, THANK YOU!!! :) I hope that you like your results!

Would You Rather is a type of game where you decide if you'd rather do this _ or that_. Maybe you're results are something that you can actually agree with...

Created by: Crystal
  1. Would you rather read a manga series first, and then watch the anime, or watch the anime and then read the manga?
  2. Would you rather have friend(s) that you feel like you can be yourself around, or have friend(s) that only see and hear what you want them to?
  3. Would you rather spend a week doing whatever you'd like, or spend a day hanging out with your family?
  4. Would you rather only read fanfics for a whole month, or write them?
  5. Would you rather fly or walk and fly whenever you'd like?
  6. Would you rather be a wild cat or a tame cat?
  7. Would you rather have a broken finger, or a broken wrist?
  8. Would you rather go to a school, or be homeschooled?
  9. Would you rather be the one in a picture, or the one taking the picture?
  10. Would you rather say/comment/rate this as a very CRUDDY quiz, because it IS, or would you rather lie, and be nice

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