What does your crush think of you

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I know I know there is like a million quizzes like mine I don't know if mine is any better or anyworst then the other quizzes like mine but that's okay right? This quiz should be good It might be a bit boring I did it really fast . Most people won't get the result you want it's ok that's life it's probably the truth too. Don't get to upset about your result it's just quiz we take for fun

Remeber to be honest in my quiz remeber even if you get a result you don't like just because your crush doesn't like you doesn't your not perfect in your own way right? This quiz is for all genders and I changed my name from Raindropwarriorcats to raindrops1198

Created by: Raindrops1198

  1. Hey so first question- what best describes you
  2. Favorite colour
  3. How do you act around your crush
  4. Jelly or jam
  5. Pick a smiley 😃
  6. Does your crush flirt with you ever
  7. Do you think your crush likes you *no affected*
  8. Do you think this quiz is weird 😄
  9. Does your crush know you exist
  10. Do you care if I made lots of spelling mistakes because I know where they are
  11. Do you agree that at the end of every quiz they ask for what you think of their quiz
  12. Anyways what would you rate this quiz as

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Quiz topic: What does my crush think of you