The not gross 7 minutes in heaven

I know there are a million 7 minutes quizzes but mine is special. It teaches you life lessons, gives advice, and does it all in 12 questions! And yes, I am magical.

So who will YOU end up with? Just let me warn you, don't judge a book by it's cover. You will pay. Just answer honestly and don't bash me to hard in comments. Please see my closing note for all needed apologies.

Created by: CutiePie22
  1. Alright, first off is every one a girl!
  2. Okay, your friend invited you to a sleepover on the last day of school. Are you going?
  3. Your friend makes you go anyways. When you get there, you relize it's a boy-girl sleepover!
  4. "Oh relax. They're only staying till 10." your friend says. Henry walks by. You feel butterflies in your stomach. Your friend groans. She claims she had to invite him.
  5. "But that means we've got to play now! Take this personality quiz to see who you go in with for 7 minutes in heaven!"
  6. Question 1: What is your favorite number?
  7. Question 2: What is your favorite pass time?
  8. Question 3: What do you judge first in a boy?
  9. Question 4: What are your pet peeves in a relationship?
  10. You hand in your sheet. Who do you want to get?(no affect)

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