How gross are you

There are gross people, but many clean people. Clean people take showers twice a day, while gross and stinky people never do that. So please take this awesome quiz to find out if you're gross, and almost never change clothes or shower or if your clean.

Are YOU clean? Do you have the showering cleaning power for that precious title? Until now you could only wonder and wonder every day but never find that that answer, but that was only when this quiz did not exist! So take this great quiz and in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: wildkitten2023

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  1. You drop mustard on you're shirt.
  2. Which one of these do you think is okay?
  3. How often do you shower?
  4. You're friend asks you to go to the football game, but its a bit muddy.
  5. You go to the toilet but you cant seem to find any paper.
  6. You go to a date, what do you wear?
  7. You drop a chip on a carpet you...
  8. You're got to the cinema with you're mates but just before hand, you were playing with your dog/cat you got their fur all over your top you...
  9. Do you fart, burp or pick your nose?
  10. Do you're friends say your gross

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