Do you belong to the 5th floor?

You might think that you belong to us? but maybe you are mistaken, could be should be-we are an exclusive club-not just anyone can join us,...I just cant promise anything-you might have to talk to mierschi

ARE YOU a member of the 5th floor? Can u keep up with us-do u need the daily cleaning of the dishes-do you wanna see our cleaner naked? Any more questions?and if u dont belong to us-there is always the 4th floor or the basement

Created by: heisse liebe
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what would you do when you enter the kitchen and see all the dirty dishes,...
  2. what newspaper do you read?
  3. can uu cook?
  4. u dont really like the music your neighbor likes?
  5. do u want to make jule a new mosaic floor?
  6. do u like cleaning other peoples rooms?
  7. do u like stickers and tea
  8. what would you do if we said no???
  9. like burgers?
  10. like the winter?

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Quiz topic: Do I belong to the 5th floor?