Are you a true Paramore Fan?

Paramore is mazing I love paramore you better love them!!!! Good luck with this challegin quiz only a genius could get a 100 on! Paramore rock!!!! I have no lcue what to say but PARAMORE IS THE BAND!

Well do you them or what? I think they rock the floor! "Who rocks floor Paramore rocks the and when Paramore rock the floor they rock it all the way down!!!

Created by: Shelly
  1. What is Paramore?
  2. How did they get the name paramore?
  3. How many members are in Paramore?
  4. Who is in the band?
  5. Who plays rythm guitar?
  6. Finish the lyrics-"You've never been so used
  7. What song is this? i climb,I slip, I fall,Reaching for your hands
  8. What is hayleys middle name
  9. Where is paramores hometown?
  10. What does Jeremy do in his free time?
  11. When did Zac begin playing the drums?
  12. Who gave paramore a record deal?
  13. Who does Josh love the most?
  14. Who got there nosed pireced. (besides,hayley and Jeremy)
  15. How awesome is PARAMORE

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Paramore Fan?