Irrevocable Love Part 12

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Hallo guys ^.^ I have returned with part 12 :) now...for random things I like...subject: music Dazzle Vision, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Shine Down,

Eminem, One Ok Rock, Flow, Noriaki Sugiyama, Fuel, Jack Johnson, Paramore, Evanescense, blah, blah, blah, blah.....................blah.........bleh..

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  1. "____, y-you're...," Nathan said a bit surprised. You look at him with curious eyes. You were then brought into a room in the house that was a bit dark, but enough light to see. " know what to do right," Jessie asked Wolfe. "Yeah...why wouldn't I," he replied. Jessie left the room leaving you alone with Wolfe. "Where's he going," you asked him a bit softly. "He found something in that guys pocket after you killed him," he said examining the dagger in your chest. "Does..that hurt at all," he asked you. "No...I forgot it was there," you say a bit confused. Wolfe looked at you, "if this hurts...just tell me...I'll stop as soon as you wince," he said looking sorrowful. He pulled the dagger out of your chest. You could see your blood on it. He put the dagger to the side, "let me wrap that wound for you," he said. After he finished wrapping your wound, you found a note on the counter. It was from Jessie, it read, 'we found a note with the names of assassins that are sent to attack ____, we'll be gone for probably the whole night...we're looking for all the other assassins to examine them...we won't attack yet...besides, I know how much ____ likes to attack...see you two tomorrow.'
  2. "Well...guess its just me and you huh," he said walking around in circles, "what do you want to do...anything is fine with me." "I'm not sure...what do you have in mind," you say happily. He paced back and forth, then a total lightbulb moment came to him, "how about...night wolf form." You had nothing else to do, so you agreed.
  3. He took his shirt off excitedly...happy to do something with you alone. You stood there and watched him change into his wolf form...but before you did, you couldn't help but notice his tan abs against the pale moonlight. You ran towards him and changed into your wolf form as well. 'Alright...ladies first,' you heard him through his mind. You bolted into the woods with Wolfe following behind. You and him lept through the twisted roots of the cold forest floor.
  4. You and Wolfe stopped at a peak where the moon was lighting everything. Wolfe howled, it was a bit vibrated in your chest like thunder. You joined him in the howl, you and Wolfe sang in perfect a song that had been sung a million times, but sounds better as you go on. Yours and Wolfe's breath shown in the cold air. The moon was full, it shown on his eyes, which looked as if they could make glitter look dull.
  5. You and Wolfe headed back to the house in human form. You and him talked the entire way. "How's your chest holdin' up," he asked you. "Its...a kinda hurts," you say. Wolfe picked you up bridal style, "well...I can fix more than one problem." He carried you home, you could feel his abs...'he's so warm,' you thought.
  6. He carried you back home, you both continued talking on the way. "What's it like being alpha," you asked him. "Well...its a very responsible job...its been a while since I've seen my pack," he said in a calm voice, "since the Aliah Society took them out...I should've been there to help them...if I were there they would probably be alive still." He looked upset that his pack was assassinated. To him, his pack was his family. "Don't feel bad Wolfe...everything happens for a reason...I'm not sure what reason, but it'll be alright," you said trying to cheer him up. He smiled, " least I know they'll always be safe now."
  7. He set you down comfortably down on the huge couch in the living room. He went to the room where he bandaged you to get you some ibuprofen. "I got you some medicine, it should help ease the pain," he told you handing you the medicine and a drink (your choice ^.^). You sat up to take the medicine and waited for it to work. Wolfe was laying beside you, he whispered to you in a deep voice, "how are you feeling now?" You had chills go down your back, "it did ease up a little," you say in a calm voice. He wrapped his arms around you comfortably and protectively. You turned on your side to where you faced each other. "You're extremely breath-taking," he said in a low and calm voice almost like a whisper. "I...I-I didn't know that...," you said a bit shakily.
  8. He fell asleep with you in his arms, you could feel his muscles were relaxed. You could feel almost all his muscles. You felt warm with him, literally, his body temperature was about over 100°. You could feel yourself give in to sleep, you slept in Wolfe's arms that night. You have never felt more safe.
  9. Morning had arrived sooner than expected. You both woke up at the same time. Wolfe stretched, you could see and feel his abs flex. You blushed a bit, then you stretched. "No nightmares this time," he asked with a pleasant smile. You then realized you hadn't have one, "no..." Wolfe smiled, "guess I'm your lucky charm huh? Speaking...of...lucky charms...." he said getting up swiftly. He went into the kitchen and pulled out a box of Lucky Charms. You giggled a little, Wolfe looked up and smiled, "what? Ain't nothin' wrong with Lucky Charms." You laughed a bit harder, "'re...I never knew you had such good humor." "Well...I guess you're just getting to know me huh," he said smirking. You smiled and you fixed up your breakfast (again...your choice ^.^).
  10. *Marcus Point of View* Its been a while since I've seen ____. I haven't seen those guys that escorted her either...I'll wait a while to check on her, I might call the hospital and stop by...they must've found something...why she was having those nightmares, but if she isn't at the hospital...I'll hunt her and those guys down...none will survive. *Your Point of View* After Wolfe and I finished our breakfast, we went to go outside and relax. "____, you know I have feelings for you...right," he asked with promising eyes. You hugged him, "I'd rather it be me than someone else." Wolfe raised an eyebrow, "does someone get jealous," he asked playfully. You nodded while blushing in a bit of embarrassment. He then said in a calm voice, " matter what, I'll always like've stolen my heart, and I gladly will let you keep it." He then kissed you on your cheek, causing you to blush wildly. Then you both heard rustling in the woods, you jumped with him guarding you. Then you heard the footsteps get closer and closer, then CLIFFHANGER!!!! If you guys want to help me out...look up Blood Red Moon on Quibblo from LilyUchiha1041 ^.^ if so thanks, it helps me a lot :) you guys can Google it, anywho...who do you love ^o^

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