MvC What School Stereotype Are You?

There are many stereotyped groups in high school. The good thing is that you belong in one, or have the potential to belong in one. Are you the angry, moshing metalhead? Or the crying, depressed emo? Perhaps the rebellion punk or skater? Or the ghetto gangster? There is a large list of many people.

Which one do you belong to? Take this quiz to find out. You will be asked several questions. All you need to do is answer as truthfully as you can, and you will get your results of what you are, or should be.

Created by: Ben
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  1. First, what kind of music do you prefer out of the ones listed?
  2. What best describes your hairstyle?
  3. What kind of shirts do you wear?
  4. What kind of shoes do you like?
  5. What kind of pants do you prefer?
  6. Which sign best describes you?
  7. Now simple yes/no and true/false questions. Do you like MTV?
  8. Do you think Slipknot is Heavy Metal?
  9. Do you think that 50 Cent is real rap?
  10. Do you think Blink 182 is real punk?
  11. Do you think mainstream music and ideas are cool?
  12. Do you think that studying is very important?
  13. Do you like being a part of the school orchestra/band/drama club/plays?
  14. Do you like marijuana A LOT to the point where you do it ALOT, like more than four days a week?
  15. Do you think the world is painful and depressing?
  16. A quick break from quick questions. Which would you rather do on weeknends?
  17. Which would you rather do with friends?
  18. Back to yes and no questions. Which of the lyrics below do you prefer?
  19. Which of these lyrics do you prefer?

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