What EXPRESS Player are you

Dudes.This is so dumb. Al i wanted was a little quiz about the team but they keep asking me to type paragraphs about it. and it has to be 150 words so thereâs going to be a lot of words that mean nothing like hey how are you oh good thatâs swell. red bull flugtag, new conditioner Pantene pro-v, softer shinier hair. oh god a tampon commercial that is so gross.. ultra downy. now some guy just put a paper monster in a paper shredder but somehow it was to do with an energy drink. now i just seen the gay kid on real world kissing another dude thatâs gross. now the show is back on some gay guy is singing on the tv Robert or robin fick or something looser. up whoâs calling at this hour? love it or hate it dog! So this is going to be one paragraph.

ok now this is a continuation of the previous paragraph but before i start typing all nonsense this is just a cool quiz or whatever take it and see who you get i wanna know who everyone gets suckas.. well now hte gwen stefani video is on and i dont know how much longer i can type about a hole bunch of nonsense because i think i am going to go nuts. but gwen stenfani is friggin hot man. im only up to 80 words and i need 150 words for each paragraph its so dumb. some girl sara is now on the tv shes dork. this ladies favorite celebrity is angelina jolie. haha now this new girl on the tv has the weirdest name in the world oralie. ok so maybe i can go on a little longer because now i only need liek 15 more words and i think i might have gotten it so lattterrrr

Created by: Chris Heyne
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If a goal is scored in over where are you most likely found?
  2. if a fight happens on the rink what are you most likely doing
  3. What kind of stick do you use?
  4. at an EXPRESS victory party where would you be found
  5. IF you suddenly find out your expecting a kid what do you do?
  6. what position do you play
  7. what are you most likely known for
  8. in a season how many goals do you usually score?
  9. what do you make sure you bring to every game ( cold or hot)
  10. how many shots a season do you block?

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