What NBA player are you?

What Nba Are you? Will be the legendary Shaquille O'Neal or the ALL-STAR Kobe Bryant or even the tall man Yao Ming. I was motivated to make this quiz because of the different styles of basketball people play and taking their difference and placing them against star player to see which player you are.

If your not sure WHAT NBA PLAYER YOU ARE then this is the quiz for you. Ive reasearched it so it is as accurate as possibe and i hope you enjoy it. It is 12 questions long and you will be surprised what player you are based on your answers and who know you might be the next player like them.

Created by: Dean Atkinson
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you very tall?
  2. Are you good at shooting 3 pointers?
  3. Are you a good slam dunker!
  4. Are you American?
  5. Out of these teams which one is your faourite?
  6. What Jersey Number is your favourite?
  7. What is your favourite brand?
  8. Are you bored so far?
  9. Who is favourite player of all time?
  10. Which team do you think is the best?

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Quiz topic: What NBA player am I?