What Type Of Tennis Player Are You?

Well most don't know but there are actually 6 types styles that a tennis player may specialize in. There: - Net player - Baseline player - Counter Punching player - Junk-Ball player - All Court player - Pusherplayer.

Personally I'm shooting for being a counter puncher after all, but ill have to find out once I take this quiz. Well which one are do you think you are? Want to find out then take this quiz!

Created by: chris
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  1. Attacking the Net is?
  2. When playing where are you mostly at?
  3. Being able to do all the different styles of tennis is?
  4. Hitting strong groundstrokes from the baseline only is?
  5. Hitting in a defensive way and switching to offensive in a moments notice is known as what in tennis?
  6. Do you like to mess with people and drive them mad?
  7. Do people say that you stink at playing tennis and have no specific style? Do you think that you don't have a specific style?
  8. Which is your weapon?
  9. What do you think is your style>?
  10. What do you think matters?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Tennis Player am I?