Which Soccer Player Are You

"Do you think you know what it takes to play with the worlds best footballers in the game. Well if you do then you need to take to see what type of player you are."

"You could be like John Terry, Ronaldinho, Messi, Rooney, Carlos, or Ballack. You decide when you take this quiz.Remember also, Joga Bonito fellow futballers!!!!!!!"

Created by: gustav
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  1. Do you hate being scored on?
  2. Will you lay your body on the line?
  3. Do you like being a leader?
  4. Do you like defending?
  5. Do you have a powerful foot?
  6. Do you like to have the ball at your feet?
  7. Can you switch the ball smoothly?
  8. Can you give a bone crushing tackle?
  9. Can you bend the ball?
  10. Do you fight and scrap and slide for balls?
  11. Can you finish in tough situations?
  12. Do you have a heart of a champion?

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Quiz topic: Which Soccer Player am I