Which Pokemon type are you?

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How do you handle tough life situations? What motivates you? This quiz tackles personality traits in addressing various life obstacles. Which friends are you super effective against? This quiz takes these answers seriously.

Fireblast! Thunder! Hyperbeam! Which style best suits you? Take the 'Which Pokemon type are you?' quiz and see how you tackle and take down the world's problems around you!

Created by: Desmond
  1. You come home late from an unexpected meeting. Your spouse asks you why you didn't go to your daughter's dance recital. Your daughter was acting up earlier. Your gut response is:
  2. Your sister just gave birth, but is single and clearly cannot support the baby. The grandparents are deeply concerned. You offer your assistance to care for them for the time being, but she says, "I don't need your help!" Your response-
  3. You show up late to the designated rendezvous point, and your friends are mad at you for being late.
  4. You fire an employee and need to explain his increasingly poor work ethic. He says, "I'm gonna make you regret those words! You won't be able to live with the pain of laying me off!" Your response is
  5. Your 18 y.o. son skips out on his second SAT exam date because he woke up drunk in his girlfriend's room. She ended up pregnant from that night. You find this from her parents. You're furious at him. You...
  6. Your dad told you, "Do it because I say so," and your response was,
  7. You come home and catch a young guy in the act of robbing your house. Your response is to...
  8. Your 'friend', "I'm sick of people thinking they know more than me. It's wrong." You say,
  9. Your friend asks you about your worldview, but then they tell you, "You can't pretend to be so right. Absolute truth doesn't exist." Slightly shocked at their sudden defense, you
  10. You're playing Monopoly and your brother flips the board on you when he lands on a bad spot. You...
  11. In the Nuzlocke challenge--Weepinbell attacks you with shadowball! Knocks out your starter Pokemon, What do you do?
  12. Your boss tells you that you need to move to another office space immediately. This new one won't be as nice. This is the 5th time he's made you move in the last 2 years. What do you think about this?

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Quiz topic: Which Pokemon type am I?